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I really enjoy hearing stories of how entrpreneurs get their start.  How from small beginnings they grow to be something so much bigger. So I was quite interested to hear how Safety 1st originated.

In 1984 at 30 years of age Michael Lerner founded the company Safety 1st. Remember those signs hanging in people’s cars in the 80′s that read “Baby on Board”?  That was Safety 1st’s first product .  From those beginnings, Safety 1st launched out into a variety of baby products including car seats in the late 1980′s.  They have now become the world’s largest manufacturer of car seats as well as producing a large array of other baby products.

Upon reviewing the Alpha Omega Elite convertible car seat, I found I was very impressed with several of the features. 

3 seats in 1

This convertible car seat is not only for an infant from 5-35 pounds, and a toddler from 22-44 pounds but it also becomes a booster seat for children 40-100 pounds.  3 seats in 1.  The booster seat uses the vehicle seat belt to secure your child.  This may be a detractor for some parents that would prefer a 5 point harness system for their child’s booster seat.

  • Rear facing 5-35 lbs.
  • Front facing 22-40 lbs.
  • Booster seat 40-100 lbs.

Let’s check out the other features the Safety 1st Alpha Omega 3 in 1 Elite offers. 

Side Impact Protection

A side impact collision is the most dangerous type of crash.   Safety 1st has placed EPP foam all around the child’s head to help absorb some of the impact of a crash and to direct it away from the child’s body.

5 Point Harness System

The 5 Point Harness System is the safest and most effective method for securing your child.  A 5 Point Harness buckles over your childs hips, over its shoulders and locks into place between their legs.  The hips and shoulders are the strongest parts of the body, so when in an accident the forces of the crash are distributed over these parts instead of the softer stomach area.

Harness Straps Easily Adjust – No Rethreading 

I really like that the harness straps can very easily be adjusted right on the front of the car seat as your child grows.  No more taking the straps apart and rethreading them through the slots.  In the forward facing position, the straps need to be at shoulder level or above.

3 Buckle Locations

As your child grows you can adjust the buckles into 3 different positions.

3 Position Recline

 With one hand you can adjust the recline of your child into 3 different positions.  Just a note:  this may not work fully if you have a small vehicle.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest has 4 different positions as your child grows.

Armrests That Pivot

Padded armrests are able to raise which makes it easier to put your child in or to take them out of the car seat.

Detachable Cup Holder

The detachable cup holder can be placed on either side of the car seat and is detachable for easy cleaning.

LATCH Equipped

The LATCH Connectors gives the car seat a more secure and tight installation by reducing movement.  If your car does not have LATCH Connectors installed you will not be able to use this method to secure the car seat.  You would need to use the seat belt.

Easy to Clean

The cover is easily removed for cleaning.

Infant Insert

An infant insert is included with the purchase of this car seat.  I think this is a must have for any convertible car seat as they tend to be so big and little ones can get lost in such a big seat.


Most of the complaints regarding this convertible car seat are that the Alpha Omega 3 in 1 Elite is overly large when using rear facing and that the baby’s head tends to fall forward.  I would suggest you check with Car Seat to see if your car model is compatible with this car seat.  Institute Insurance for Highway Safety also does not recommend using the booster seat as the belt does not provide a good tight fit 

Where To Find the Best Price

In researching prices for this convertible car seat, I have found Amazon to have the best price, selling it for around $115 with FREE shipping.

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