Britax convertible car seat

Why does Britax have such a good name amongst the parenting community?  

Maybe its because Britax has been manufacturing car seats for over 38 years with the reputation of leading the way in developing more safety features as well as finding ways to make the installation and use of their car seats simpler.  Or maybe its because Britax performs twice as many safety tests on their car seats than is required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Whatever the reason, Britax has earned the trust of parents.

One of the most popular car seats being sold is the Britax Boulevard 70 which has  all the latest technology incorporated into it.

  • Safe Cell Technology
  • Integrated Steel Bars
  • Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether

What is Safe Cell Technology?

Car seats designed with Safe Cell Technology are designed to compress and lower the center of gravity, minimizing the forward movement of your child during a crash and lessening the chances that your child’s head will hit the back of the front seat.

How do the Integrated Steel Bars help to reduce injury?

The steel reinforcing reduces flexing of the car seat during a crash which reduces the child’s risk of hitting the back of the front seat.

Britax New Generation Convertible Car SeatsBritax New Generation Convertible Car Seats

Notice the steel reinforcing and how it runs up through the shell of the car seat.

 How does the Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether Work?

The tether webbing which is located on the back upper part of the car seat, works to absorb forces and to slow the forward movement of your child by staged release of the tether webbing.  It is better for your child to slowly come to a stop rather than suddenly and with the tether webbing your child does not feel the sudden impact as much since the webbing is released in stages.

Watch this video to see some of Britax’s latest technology and how their car seats respond in event of a crash.

More safety features – The Boulevard 70 convertible car seat also incorporates True Side Impact Protection. 

What is True Side Impact Protection?

With this protection it gives you four things.

1.  The deep side walls and energy absorbing foam give more area to distribute the impact – away from your child – during a crash.

2.  The deep side walls and head restraint create a barrier working to block any intruding object from knocking into your child.

3.  True Side Impact Protection also works to prevent your child’s head from hitting the side window or door.

4.  A sudden violent stop can cause injury to your child’s spine by misaligning his neck and spine.  The deep side walls and energy absorbing foam minimizes the side to side head movement reducing the possibility of injury.

Does it have a Five-Point Harness System?

Yes.  With the five-point harness system, the forces of a crash are distributed over the strongest parts of the body – the hips and shoulders.  Because of the additional safety it offers in event of a crash, fighter pilots and race car drivers also use this technology.

Five point harness systemThe harness system fits over your child’s shoulders, hips and in between their legs.

What is HUGS – the Harness Ultra-Guard System?

The Britax Next Generation Car Seats have incorporated HUGS since the year 2000.  HUGS, which stands for Harness Ultra-Guard System is incorporated into all Britax’s convertible car seats.  As you child grows bigger, his center of gravity changes and he moves further away from the anchorage points of the car seat.  The HUGS system is a set of pads that go across the chest helping to reduce the impact of a crash by adding friction to the harness as they move forward.

What weight and height should your child be to fit the Boulevard 70?

Rear facing:  5-40 pounds

Forward facing:  1 year; 20 – 70 pounds

Height:  49″ or less

Any extra comfort Features?

The convertible car seat offers a recline position for both the forward and rear facing position as well as a High Density Comfort Foam that provides extra cushioning.

How easy is it to clean the Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat cushions?

Covers, comfort pads and the infant body pillow are all easily removed for cleaning without disassembling or uninstalling the car seat.

Is there an insert available for infants?

Yes.  To give your infant a more secure and snug fit, a infant positioning insert is recommended for the Britax convertible car seats.

What to do as your child grows?

There are two buckle positions as your child grows as well as a quick-adjust harness.  The quick-adjust harness allows you to raise the harness straps higher without having to detach the harness at the back of the seat.  (With other style car seats that do not have the quick-adjust harness, you will need to detach the harness at the back of the seat and rethread the straps through a different slot.)

Two ways to secure the convertible car seat…

1.  Use the old style of buckling the car seat with the seat belt


Britax convertible car seats2.  Use the Lower LATCH Connectors.  (For this to work with your vehicle it must have latch parts already installed.)  The LATCH Connectors gives the car seat a more secure and tight installation by reducing movement.  It also makes it easy for you to place the car seat in your vehicle or to remove it from your vehicle. 

Yet Another Safety Feature – Built-in Lock-offs

If your car is not equipped with seat belts that lock when installing your car seat you must use a preapproved device that will lock the seat belts in place.  Built-in lock-offs keep the seat belt from moving around until the vehicle seat belt has to do its job.  (All vehicles since 1996 are required to have seat belts that lock into place.)

So what about the base of the car seat?

The Boulevard 70 has a anti-slip, contoured base that protects and grips the seat.

What about the straps?  They’re always in my way when buckling my child into the car seat.

Britax has these wonderful  convenient harness holders that will keep the straps out of the way as your buckle your child.

Flying with your child?

The Boulevard 70 is approved for all aircraft.

Available Colors?

5 different color selections are available

Where can I buy the Boulevard 70?

The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat runs in the $200 range.  With free shipping, I believe Amazon is the best place to purchase this car seat.

What is the difference between the Marathon 70 and Boulevard 70?

The Marathon 70 offers Side Impact Protection whereas the Boulevard 70 has the True Side mpact Protection instead.  This means that the Boulevard 70 offers a bit more protection in case of a crash.

Can I read more from actual users?

To read more reviews, go HERE.

One more thing I must mention…

It is very important to fill out your registration card when you purchase your car seat as this is the only way for Britax to contact you in event there is a recall on one of their car seats.

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